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Learn how you can make more money, get better clients and make films you're proud of.

Here's What You'll Learn in This Free Training

  • Get More, Bigger AND Better Clients

    Clients you enjoy with budgets that are profitable — that's the dream! One that we very much enjoy. We'll teach you how to go about attracting dream clients and getting them to sign up for budgets that feel generous on projects that excite you.

  • The Simple Path to 3x-ing Your Profits

    We share our system that let's us work less AND make more. And we know that you can be more profitable, today — while making your life easier, your business less stressful and your clients more enjoyable. We'll show you how we did it — and how you can too.

  • How More Freedom Leads to More Profit

    Freedom is the real reason you became a filmmaker right? The freedom to make films you're excited about... the freedom to spend time with with your friends & family... We want to show you how to create more freedom and more profit while making your life easier.

  • How You Can Sell Your First 6-Figure Film

    We're pulling back the curtain on how a first time director closed a 6-figure client film. We go through every detail — from the first email through presenting the budget and explain how it was possible. This is a can't miss.

  • The #1 Mistake You're Making in Business

    Here's the deal: almost no filmmakers got into the business to run a business. The same was true of Muse. So I'm going to share the one mindset shift that we made which changed everything — and can change everything for you too.

  • The Easy Way to Charge More for Your Films

    HINT: Its NOT making better films.

    While few clients understand the effort and man power that goes into creating a single film, we will show you what clients DO value and how you can leverage that to charge more for the work you already do.


The Five Foundations of

Filmmaking Freedom


Case Study: 3x Your Revenue
& Sell Your First 6-Figure Film


Triple Your Profits
In The Pandemic

Brought to You By Muse Storytelling

Whenever we offer free education like this — especially really valuable things, like the foundations of our business — people always ask us why. Why would we give away our secret sauce?  

Truth is, we see things differently. We ask why wouldn’t we give it away?

Our core belief is that well-told stories can change the world. And there are far too many stories in the world for us to tell them all.

We all know filmmakers that are stuck doing work that they don’t love, without creative freedom for wayyyy too little money.

Maybe you? That’s not doing anyone any favors.


We hope that our tools, the lessons we learned the hard way and our community full of enthusiastic and empathetic filmmakers will help you see and unlock the potential within yourself.


So, get out there, make a good living AND make stories worth sharing. Stories that can change the world.


You can be free to make films you love with clients you enjoy.

Free to spend time with your family. Free to love what you do for a living.


You can make your filmmaking profitable.

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